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Frequently asked questions


Are you actively doing investments?

Yes, we are actively seeking startups that are contributing to building the future of health. We invest in opportunities across technology, digital therapeutics, healthcare infrastructure, and drug development all advancing human health and radically shifting health systems for the better.


What is the typical investment amount?

We actively deploy checks ranging from $50k - $1M in pre-seed to Series A startups. We work as a VC firm on the backend, but as an accelerator in the way we work with founders. We act as an extension of your team, providing founders with the space they need to make the best decisions possible while assisting in overcoming the startups largest obstacles.


How can we get in touch to pitch our company?

Send us a ping on the Contact page of this website and we'll be in touch.


Are you open for partnership?

Yes, of course. The partnerships we appreciate are ones that bring a magnitude of benefit to our portfolio companies. None of our partnerships are paid, so please do not contact us for offers if they require cash payment. If you're a service provider please make that clear and we'd be happy to explore if there's a need for ourselves or our portfolio companies.