Investing in the Future of Health

Our firm focuses on deploying capital into the most exciting opportunities transforming the world of health.

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About our investment firm

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Our approach

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We work hands on with early stage startups to help them find their footing and prepare for a successful first financing. Our in house expertise across every stage of the entrepreneurial lifecycle helps prepare founders for the long journey ahead and maximize their chances for a successful exit.

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Our funds deploy capital from the inception of an idea all the way to growth stage financing. Our check size can range from 50k to 1M, but we pair our investments with hands on support and work closely with founders throughout their journey.

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Scaling Growth

Once a founder finds product market fit, we help the company become a well oiled engine so they can scale impact all while building trust with every stakeholder. Our fundamental belief is that companies can not exist sustainably for the long term if they make decisions that break trust with any contributor to their ecosystem, whether that is the investor, the customer, the employee, the policy maker, the outsourced service provider, or any other key contributor to a startups function.


Verticles we invest in

Drug Development

With decades of combined experience across the drug development pipeline our team knows what it takes to bring a novel drug to market. We've also become the leading experts in drug-therapy combinations moving through the FDA approval process.

Healthcare Infrastructure

Clinic systems, CROs, drug manufacturing facilities, media companies, and health insurance are all necessities to build a thriving ecosystem in a new paradigm for health.


Digital therapeutics and adjacent technologies are transforming the way we approach therapy and healthcare. What technologies are necessary to 10x the efficacy of the therapeutic stack?


Our team

We've built industries from the ground up, focusing on the most innovative technologies advancing human health.