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We are currently taking pre-orders for our annual subscription. This price will no longer be available for individuals purchasing after the April 1st release date.

A subscription grants you access to all of our reports including analysis of the most compelling opportunities, the legal landscape, and the state of research.

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Our Opportunities Report gives you details on all the most compelling startups within the psychedelics space.

We provide a synopsis of every sector and the current dynamics taking place in each. We make sure to highlight opportunities that aren't available to every investor and detail startups that help contribute positively to the psychedelics ecosystem.


Our Legal Landscape report provides you with the most important information on the state of policy in the psychedelics ecosystem.

Understand which compounds, therapies, and jurisdictions are currently involved in the psychedelics space. Inform your decisions with an understanding of the realistic timelines for the opportunities that you find.


Our Research Report is a summary of the most important studies in psychedelics academia.

Is microdosing actually effective? Which compounds are more effective for which treatments? Where do we still need more data? Understand whether the claims your target companies are making are founded rigorous scientific analysis.


If you're looking to find out more about our work, are interested in becoming a LP, or want to contribute to our cause then please reach out to Building a community around this movement is the only way we'll be able to destigmatize these medicines and create a wider variety of opportunities for struggling individuals to address their mental health. Thank you.

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