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Juliette Mohr, Louis Belleau, Bobby Tromm  

Project: Psygaia

Psygaia is an ecopsychedelic-focused cooperative committed to the healing and growth of people and the planet. Psygaia offers services rooted in evidence-based and time-tested modalities of healing and growth. We cultivate mutual meaning through purpose-driven community, which is supported by research exploring the ecological, therapeutic, and transformative role of psychedelics. Psygaia is committed to integrating Indigenous and Western scientific knowledge by cultivating an ongoing, mutually beneficial, and reciprocal relationship with Indigenous people.

Juliette is a scholar with concentrations in the fields of Ethnic Studies and Psychology. Juliette’s academic background informs her work, which focuses on the transformative potential of psychedelic plant medicines for individual healing and collective liberation. Her current research applies a systems-based approach to contemporary cultural issues, exploring the intersections of the psychedelic renaissance, colonization and empire, the environment, and economic mechanisms. She is deeply guided by her advocacy for and commitment to harm reduction principles, building community resilience, and social accountability within the psychedelic space.

Louis first experienced the transformative potential of psychedelics when he overcame depression with psilocybin mushrooms in his early adulthood. In response to these experiences, Louis began studying and practicing Buddhism and yoga, eventually earning a bachelor’s degree with a triple major in Psychology, Philosophy and Religious Studies from McGill University. Louis seeks to democratize safe and effective healing and growth with psychedelics through education, community and support, while contributing to research at the intersection of neuropsychology, ecology, spiritual emergence and psychedelics. Used through a harmonious combination of scientific data and Indigenous wisdom, Louis believes the effective use of psychedelics lay the foundations for a multi-generational process of ecological and human healing and growth.

Bobby is a scientist and entrepreneur with a background in Neuroscience, Computer Science, and Biology. This quantitative education is integral to his work, which focuses on the science of consciousness and therapeutic applications of psychedelics. His current work explores the science of pleasure in non-human animals, as well as the impact of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy on people who suffer from eating disorders and major depression. Bobby is led by his experiences with psychedelics and movement practice, which have connected him to body and environment in ways previously thought unimaginable; these experiences have shown him fantastic visions of a future where psychedelic compounds inform our cultural, political, and social dynamics, our conception of reality, and our interconnection with the Earth.

Tammy Sanders

Project: Psychedelic Foundation

For nearly 30 years, Tammy’s life and work have been an active commitment to self-awareness, healing and growth. 

Professionally, she is a seasoned strategist, advisor, facilitator and coach with an MA Anthropology of Media from the University of London, an MBA from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and a PhD in Education and Technology from Florida International University. Tammy’s evolutionary career in media, management, and professional development includes guiding the behavioral growth of leaders at all stages in their careers, from a variety of cultural backgrounds, and across a wide range of industries.

Personally, her emotional, mental and spiritual growth has leveraged 12-step, cognitive and somatic therapies, and entheogenic experiences to move beyond addiction, depression, complex PTSD and transgenerational trauma. 

With expertise grounded in experience and research, Tammy remains committed to holistic and accessible mental wellness in service of a stable and just world. Where there are initiatives, efforts and people who share this commitment, she’s keen to connect and is best reached via

Mark Hestermann

Project: Natural MedTech Group

Natural MedTech Group is founded upon our “Seven Pillars of Health” which are: Advanced Nutrition, The Gut Microbiome, Personalised Medicine, Exercise, Meditation, Mindfulness and Psychedelic Medicine.

In order to bring our vision to fruition, Natural MedTech operates as two organisations: “Bio-Tanicals Australia” and “Rewired Neuroscience”.Bio-Tanicals Australia is investing in a cGMP laboratory, licenced to manufacture, process and supply Schedule 9 drugs (Schedule 9 is Australia’s Equivalent of America’s Schedule 1).  The local manufacture of psychedelic drugs helps us navigate multiple Australian regulations. It allows us to leverage Australia’s Special Access Scheme effectively. Our platform will accelerate the research and application of psychedelic therapies for Australians, whilst adding to the global body of knowledge. Initially, we will produce cGMP Psilocybin and DMT. Australia has multiple native species that contain DMT, and we will further develop and research our non-invasive delivery system that allows for the DMT experience to last for approximately one hour.

Rewired Neuroscience will be launching a Mental Health and Wellness Centre of Psychedelic Psychiatry, designed to reimagine what a medical facility can be. Our fully compliant facility will be able to conduct clinical research and administer psychedelic therapies in a comfortable and inspiring space. Our trained therapists will also introduce the fundamental principles of “Self-Directed Adaptive Neuroplasticity”, “Psychobiological Correction”, “Ego Dissolution” and “Epigenetic Engineering”, which blends intimately with our Self-Care, Mindfulness, Meditation, and Movement classes, hosted in our workshop spaces.We blend traditional knowledge and wisdom with modern medicine and aim to change the way people approach their own mental health and wellness, where patients become motivated and excited to come and heal with us.

Maria Camille

Project: The Retreat Journal

Maria Camille is a nomad entrepreneur living a mosaic life as a wellness hospitality
consultant, TV producer, publisher, journalist, and former extreme sports
competitor (4-time world champion). Through 40 years of travel she has lived in
many countries worldwide and honed her gifts to help others.
As a believer in plant medicines since the 70’s, Maria Camille is now living in San
Miguel de Allende, Mexico to set up vision quest retreats, trainings for sitters and
wellness sabbaticals using plant medicines. Her in-depth learning and
observation is not only foretelling trends, but also incubating them as well as
living them. 

Concurrently, Maria is producing the digital publication; The Retreat Journal to
share the future of retreating. The Retreat Journal will host both industry retreats
and private group retreats.

Veronica Castillo

Project: Exploratory Phase

Veronica Castillo is a  published writer and the head of the Vee traveling veg canna writer blog. She is a southern soul from Miami, FL with a pre-Cannabis background in insurance and human resources. Currently, she is a resident of the road exploring all thing’s cannabis, hemp, and psychedelics in the United States and soon, abroad.

You can follow her journey on IG @vee_traveling_veg_canna_writer

Luke Johnson & Conor Murray

Project: Psynautics

Psynautics is a research society for explorers of mind and being. Our Psynautics mobile and web apps serve as a dynamic laboratory and database for research into altered states of consciousness for our users, members, and Psynautics partners. Working to become the premier tool for consciousness research, our platform aims to provide a low-cost ecological momentary assessment (EMA) service for academic and clinical researchers, and mental-health tracking service for our members, who have full access to the data on our site. Our users engage in Psynautics sessions to build data on their profile and unlock nodes of our graphical database for exploration.

Luke Johnson is an undergraduate student at the University of Chicago majoring in Neuroscience and interested in pursuing an MD/PhD after college. To avoid online classes and a subpar educational experience, Luke is currently taking a year off from college after completing his second year in the spring of 2020. Luke began working on Psynautics with his friend, mentor, and research colleague, Conor Murray, in August of 2020. Luke met Conor while they were both working in the Human Behavioral Pharmacology lab during the summer of 2019. At that time, Luke was working full-time as an intern in the lab assisting PhD candidate Elisa Pabon with her research on THC (which he had begun helping with part-time as a volunteer in November of 2018) while Conor was just beginning his 2-year postdoctoral fellowship. Luke and Conor bonded over their shared interest in the value of altered state experiences beyond the traditional clinical, therapeutic, and drug-abuse research paradigms. Aside from working on Psynautics, Luke works part-time as a nurse technician at Blodgett Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is involved in the Intercollegiate Psychedelic Network as a member of the Research and Professional Development team and the lead organizer of the IPN Journal Club.

Conor H. Murray, PhD is a neuroscientist and psychedelic researcher from the University of Chicago. Trained on the neurobiology of substance abuse, his current projects in the laboratory investigate the roles of LSD and MDMA in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Murray's major focus however transcends medicine to test the 'psychedelic hypothesis' that substances hold promise as tools for 'manifesting' or 'expanding' the mind toward exploration of the uncharted nature of mind and being. To this end, he has taken two approaches: first, to advance the field of neurophenomenology in the laboratory with psychedelic or observational compounds, and second, to open this research to the world by establishing Psynautics, an international research society for explorers of mind and being.

Kadeam Vendryes

Project: Exploratory Phase

Kadeam Vendryes obtained his Mechanical Engineering degree from Union College and is currently working as an Engineer for Exelon in Washington D.C. He’s worked on projects as a field engineer at industrial gas plants and in solar fields for Kiewit. He’s also served as a systems engineer leading projects for WMATA with GL Communications Inc. Mr. Vendryes is currently working towards obtaining his E.I.T in Mechanical Engineering as well as exposing himself to cross-disciplinary training to improve his skill sets as an engineer. He specializes in designing in CAD (AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS) as well as proto-typing. His interest are personal fitness, self-defense, and learning new trades such as carpentry, electrical work, plumbing, etc.

Kelsey VanDemark

Project: La Luna Textiles

Kelsey VanDemark is a traveling book artist originating in Rochester, NY. She enjoys experimenting with fabric, color, and texture, and gains inspiration from the cultures and landscapes in which she resides. While living in Cusco, Peru, VanDemark fell in love with the vibrant spirit of the people, history and textile art of the region. She began incorporating the weavings into her artwork, and came into a vision of creating a larger brand. Thus, she began to design a concept journal line, La Luna Textiles. VanDemark is currently living and working in her home studio in the lovely Bisbee, AZ, awaiting her return to Peru.

La Luna Textiles is a unique line of hand bound journals designed by artist Kelsey VanDemark. The brand stands for quality employment and sourcing of ecologically friendly materials. The book designs play with color and texture, pairing leather with handwoven textile. Luxury journals embody the timeless beauty and simplicity found in the art of bookbinding. La Luna Textiles larger vision is to further women’s rights in Peru, sustain traditional weaving communities in the Andes, and to help fund conservation projects in the Amazon.


Alessandra Nicole Russo

Project: The Arcana Armada

We seek to catalyze individual and collective healing through interactive archetypal fantasy experiences and narrative therapy. These carefully curated experiences offer a safe and playful container to explore social ecology, power dynamics, ritual, and myth in a group setting.

Our curriculum is designed to cultivate the awareness of an interdependent ecosystem,  highlighting the essentiality of biodiversity and value of more-than-human life. We hold fungally and botanically-synthesized compounds in the highest regard as technologies of communication with the potential to open a door to our ancestral wisdom and health autonomy.

Alberto Farinez

Project: Empyrean

Empyrean is a science-driven company focused on developing and marketing advanced, orthomolecular products, including Myco Botanicals and Entheogens. We participate in relevant and rapidly expanding market verticals.We are committed to, and are excited to see, customers gaining trust in Myco Botanical therapeutics. We do so by combining traditional knowledge with evidence-based formulation and enterprise achievement.We support our customer’s quest to develop their own health potential. We do so by creating products that harness full-spectrum extracts, the benefits of microdosing select ingredients, and the synergy that results from blending them.We work towards a world where people understand, believe in, and use the tools that Nature has always given us to support our health and grow our Consciousness.

Alice Sitar

Project: Sacred Huachuma Retreats

Our Huachuma (San Pedro) retreats support and develop emotional and physical wellbeing, and help cultivate better relationships with ourselves, our own bodies and energy, other people and nature itself. They are suited for men and women alike.The retreats will be held in a beautiful location in the Netherlands starting early 2021. They will combine body work, group therapy and personal integration. The retreat themes include self love, nature, sensuality and femininity. We welcome you to join us on this magical journey together.

Priscilla C. Agoncillo

Project: TBA

With an extensive background in developing the global cannabis industry from cultivation, legislation, to consumer product development and pharmaceutical drug development, Priscilla is confident in assisting the advancement of the psychedelic medicine space and helping change the negative narrative through education and the empowerment fellow psychedelic business owners.

Priscilla started in Cannabis and is a Co-Owner of an award-winning Cannabis genetics farm. Her passion for plant medicine includes a robust history with psychedelics with a concentration in medicinal mushrooms and psilocybin. Priscilla is hoping to establish reliable, compliant and consistent pathways to legally cultivate, conduct R&D and develop integrated plant molecule based medicines

Tyler Bryden

Project: Speak AI

Tyler Bryden is a passionate psychedelics advocate and speaker that works in technology, marketing, and mental health. He started his entrepreneurship journey after several profound personal healing experiences with plant medicine. Tyler and the team at extract meaningful insights from personal journals and recorded sessions to help improve psychedelic research, therapy, and knowledge mobilization. Tyler personally supports MAPS Canada and other organizations in the space. He also started the Forest City Psychedelic Community in London, Ontario to bring together people to inform, inspire and heal.

Speak is a speech analysis software company that extracts powerful insights like personality, tone, and clarity from audio, video, and text. Organizations and people use Speak to create, analyze, and index their content so they can gain an awareness of how they are being perceived and connect more deeply in their communication.

Sarah Hashkes

Project: Meu

Sarah Hashkes, CEO or Radix Motion. Sarah is utilizing her research in cognitive neuroscience and psychedelics to create 3D human movement data channels. She is trying to disrupt the way we interface with technology using an embodied cognition approach that focused on users well being and ability to foster a deeper connection that can only be reached through physical interactions.

Meu is the first immersive social platform that is based on 3D human movements. The team’s technology channels movement data, letting people play and interact with each other’s 3D movements augmented by neuroscience-based filters and mini-games. Meu’s platform utilizes the latest immersive technology to increase the bandwidth of human connection, allowing people to interact and play with each other’s movements beyond space and time.

Luc van Poelje

Project: Psychedelic Insights

What started out as an altruistic project, to bring a sacred safe setting to the use of magic, psilocybin truffles, became quite a busy business. With hundreds of clients from all over the world, we soon started our own center. Here the experience and skill set grew to create a center for the psychological guidance of psychedelics. We are creating a format and the science to operate safely, responsibly and with a shared value system we share through international collaborations. A common customer complaint, medical and mental health screening and professional integration therapists. We currently work on multiple plant medicine projects globally and receive daily requests from scientists and professionals from all over the world, if and how they can help.

Tanja Schomann

Project: PSYx

Dr. Tanja Schomann is the CEO and co-founder of PSYx, the ‘Systemic Psychedelic’ which is ‘PsychoActivating System Change’. PSYx is the World’s 1st platform to future-fit leadership, innovation and (global) systems solutions through the rigorous and purposeful application of science-backed PsychoActive Technologies (eg exogenous psychedelics & endogenous breathwork). PSYx thereby also acts as a bridge between the Psychedelic Renaissance and the 4th Industrial Revolution to synergise solutions for complex global challenges at the self, sector & eco-societal dimensions.

Martín Polanco

Project: Exploratory Phase

Martin Polanco M.D., is the founder of a clinical program that specializes in treatment-resistant and complex conditions such as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Post-traumatic Stress, Depression and/or Addiction as a result of experiences during military service. The program is focused on integrating pre-existing modalities that have shown effectiveness in treating mTBI such as entheogenic therapy, intermittent fasting, hormone optimization, and brain stimulation.

His extensive experience in treating addiction laid the groundwork for developing The Mission Within. Dr. Polanco was founder and medical director at Crossroads Treatment Center which demonstrated an effective mental health treatment model using psychedelics. He built on this work by contributing to the body of psychedelic research, specifically focused on outcome and phenomenological studies of ibogaine and 5 MeO-DMT.